Vanessa Lipari

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Vanessa Lipari – Interior designer


It was her dad that “planted the seed” that developed into Vanessa’s curiosity for elegance, business and for interior design. As a young girl, she recalls, “my dad used to bring me on job sites. I would even lay ceramic tiles and give him a hand in the stone polishing business he still owns today.” Even though she had not yet set her sights on design, this “hands-on” experience gave Vanessa the comprehension of how to use marble, granite, as well as other materials such as wood and glass.
Her list of projects is impressive, ranging from premium retirement homes sush as Reseau Sélection, to government offices, to condos and high-end residences. Aquablu condos in Laval, Voltige…
One of Vanessa’s design idols is none other than French starchitect, Philippe Starck, from whom she draws inspiration and enjoys the way that he expresses his “art”.
“I like the way that he breaks all limitations and that is what I experienced when doing my design for Aquablu. The client believed in my design and the result was something totally new.” The word “impossible” does not exist in Vanessa’s vocabulary; the greater the challenge, the harder she works at it, honing her skills and keen eye for the perfect execution of details.
Vanessa will be involved in the intérior design section to talk about business owner in the industry such as showing the new trend, new product, supplyer that she recommand, Design events….
“I am very happy to be working with Eleganza magazine, it  represents my personality for the fact that this magazine is not only elegant but also shares fantastic values as per authenticity, integrity and the art of living well !” – Vanessa