Should you, or shouldn’t you get a Keratin Treatment?

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Should you, or shouldn’t you get a Keratin Treatment?

15 January 2019 Beauty 0
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hould you, or shouldn’t you get a Keratin Treatment?

It’s an urban myth to think a Keratin treatment will make your hair flat and unresponsive to volume or curls.  Daily exposure to pollution, hot hair tools and products can damage the hair’s natural keratin, leaving it difficult to manage.

The latest generation of Keratin therapy helps hair regain its lost elasticity and health, giving it new life by eliminating roughness and unwanted kink, curls and frizz. It is the BEST way to get rid of the daily fatigue of smoothing and straightening.  Once done, hair will be straight, shiny and tangle free for about three to four months.

What is “Keratin” anyway?

Keratin is a natural protein found in hair (and nails).

The latest generation of Brazilian keratin includes amino acids but not formaldehyde,  a chemical that affects not just hair but can be dangerous for overall health.  Most countries have banned its use in keratin treatments. Brazilian keratin treatments are best known for straightening hair and rebuilding damaged hair structures. Clients with naturally straight, over-processed hair may opt for this type of treatment.  

Brazilian keratin treatments are the preferred choice over earlier keratin straightening treatments, something clients and salon owners are noticing.

How Does A Keratin Treatment Work?

The process, which starts at about $300 for mid-length hair, includes saturating keratin into the hair shaft. Strand by strand, a hot flat iron is used to seal the keratin in, and activate the straightening and healing. The process takes about 90 minutes or more, depending on the hair’s length and thickness. Once complete, hair can not be washed for three to four days, allowing the treatment to lock in. In order to maximize the longevity of the treatment, it is recommended to use sodium sulfate-free shampoos only.

What are the BENEFITS?

What clients appreciate most about the treatment is the hair’s dramatically reduced drying time, and improved health.  

Good to know!

In some cases, the treatment may lighten artificial hair colour.  If the colour does get lighter, it is recommended to wait a week before adjusting. @sophiaiannantuono