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Bespoke Tailoring

The Pietro Mucci brand was founded in Montreal in 1978, and has since become one of the most reputable bespoke services offering tailored clothing for men and women across Canada and the United States. The Mucci team is proud of its incomparable personalized service, using only exclusive and high-end fabrics, as well as a refined attention to detail to create curated pieces based on personalized tastes and lifestyles. 


When we first reached out to Mr. Pietro Mucci he was adamant in involving the participation of his son Lance in the interview. Lance is responsible for sales development and marketing for the Mucci brand, and on occasion also dips his toes in the design process. We can hear how proud he is of his father’s accomplishments from his voice, and we also clearly understand that Lance’s future will be deeply intertwined with the business for years to come.  


In fact, both Lance and brother Steven work in tandem in preparing for the company’s future. Steven’s main role is to ensure that the Mucci brand is also well represented digitally, as in some cases the experience of reaching out to potential customers on-line can be just as important as the second step, which is meeting the client face to face. 


The Mucci experience begins with a personalized consultation, where Pietro takes time in becoming personally acquainted with the needs of the client. 


With a team that is well versed in current fashion trends, the close relationship with the client during the production of the pieces ensures the perfect fit for an unparalleled client experience. 


From the on-set of the first meeting with the client, to the creation of custom-tailored shirts, to suits and overcoats, the Mucci name is a guarantee of both quality and style. 


For the love of fine threads


As a first-generation immigrant originating from Montelongo, a small town in the Molise region of Italy, Pietro Mucci’s experience is not one learned on the books, nor in the corporate world. Mr. Mucci started his journey as a tailor at the age of 17 as an apprentice shadowing his cousin in a shop on Beaubien street in the east end of Montreal. 


It was not love at first try for Mr. Mucci, but a passion that grew over time and stemmed from the need to learn a trade and earn a salary, to the want of nice threads to wear, and the admiration for well-dressed men and women he saw on the streets. Once he recognized this, from the on-set he understood that he would have to differentiate his services from what could be purchased off the racks, and even from other tailor bottegas in and around Montreal. In fact, to this day, when asked what differentiates Mucci from other similar services he answers, “It is very simple, our clients are too busy to come to us, we go to them. We go to their offices and their homes. We travel internationally when our services are needed because our clients understand that our bespoke suit productions are unique, we manufacture every inch by hand, and only use the highest quality materials exclusively available to us. Only 1% of suit manufactures make suits the way we do nowadays. Our clients understand this.”


Through the years his aspiration has been to bring a level of type quality to Canadian and American buyers that was not seen before. Inspired by the likes of Italian suit-makers like Luigi Borelli and Ermenegildo Zegna both in style and materials, the Zegna cloth is one of Mucci’s top sellers today. 


Playing the long game


During the interview Lance informs us that the Mucci brand is more than just men’s suits. In fact, the line also includes women’s bespoke pieces, as well as tuxedos, ties, handkerchiefs, over coats and shirts manufactured with the same care and attention to detail as the suits.


In fact, when asked about the long-term vision for the Mucci brand, Lance adds, “I think it’s to maintain a level of exclusivity and quality that most people can’t as they expand, especially as time progresses and fast fashion becomes more and more prevalent. Our goal is as we move forward, as we increase in size, to still be able to maintain the utmost quality and provide a service that nobody else is able to provide, and bring something to the market that’s valuable in more ways than one. It is not just based on how much the value is in terms of the price of a suit, it’s the value of the experience and the value of the quality of the product and the value of the exclusivity. We want to be the type of business that you’re happy to recommend to your friends and to other people that might be interested in our product.” 


When inquiring about the typical Mucci client neither want to pinpoint just one type, because in truth they are businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, and television personalities. They both agree on one thing however, that it is an individual that likes to dress well, and invests in doing so. It is someone who deems exclusivity important and wants to remain unique in their appearance and who is in the vast majority of cases referred by other like-minded clients. 


The Mucci suit is one that will remain classic through time; indeed, Lance explains how he can pull a suit out of his closet that was manufactured 8 years ago and still wear it with relevance today. The fact that Pietro Mucci uses horsehair canvas to this day speaks volumes of his dedication to authenticity and luxury craftsmanship. 

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