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Hard work pays off!

If you need some inspiration today, the pages of Eleganza Magazine are the perfect place to be.

Now in Canada for over 2 decades, Omer Akkus has reached great success thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, personal drive, and values that he believes are at the foundation of everything he has built to date.  

The name might not be familiar to you, but his line of Econoplus furniture stores will surely ring a bell. In addition to this, Mr. Akkus is also head of Akkus Furniture International, a company manufacturing European made pieces designed in Canada, and offering wholesale services in North America, Europe and Asia alike. His business ventures and successes include several different companies, including transport, real estate, leasing, general repairs, to name a few.

His journey began in Ontario where he established his first entrepreneurial adventure distributing produce, from where he then continued by starting a transportation company. His entrepreneurial spirit never failed him, learning the many ins and outs of Canadian business from these very first ventures. During our talk Omer Akkus could not stress enough just how important hard work and perseverance made a difference in his life. In fact, his motto is, “Set your goals high, and do not stop until you get there.”  He has proved this time and time again. 


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As a family man he gives particular value to the importance of his employees and customers alike as each has contributed to his success thus far in different ways. In fact, it is essential for him that every member of his team feel like family, organizing several events during the year where everyone can also socialize outside of the workplace, get to know each other, and listen to their ideas for improvement. Omer adds, “I like to surround myself with like-minded people, it is the best way to feel at ease with someone and be able to have authentic connections without egos getting in the way.”


When asked what he has learned as an entrepreneur in the past years he says, It is essential to choose your investment partners wisely and, in a country, you are familiar with. I would say do your due diligence, and make sure you understand local culture. Investments have to be made at the right time, in the right place with the right people.”

The entrepreneur in him is always looking to add to his offering, and sensing the market’s need for more personalized solutions, Akkus has also launched a bespoke, made in Quebec line by the brand name of Meubles Akkus sold through the Econoplus locations. 


In addition to the Econoplus and Meubles Akkus brands, the Akkus International brand offers a unique working model to local and international wholesalers and retailers alike with a one-stop-shop solution where they can choose materials and designs of the highest quality. The company also takes the weight off logistics and administrative issues wholesalers and retailers may have to think about, as these services are also all taken care of by the company if needed. 


Omer Akkus leaves us with these words of wisdom, especially important for young ambitious men and women arriving in Canada today. “If they are newcomers they come from the mentality of their culture, but they are now in a new country, and regardless of their previous trade and experience, they have to first understand the local culture. They have to put their egos to the side and possibly learn from scratch. Experience can’t be bought; you have to gain it over time. Work hard towards your goals.”

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