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Performance. Elegance. Class.

11 April 2018 Automobile 0
Maserati Gran Sport MY189

Maserati has long been recognized as a highly sought-after and distinct brand. Created in 1914, Maserati was born from passion and determination in the heart of Bologna. The brand continues to exemplify those qualities today. While models have evolved over the years, Maserati maintains its essence as a luxury vehicle that is a class above. A Maserati is perfectly suited for the entrepreneur and professional seeking an exceptional and unique driving experience.

Eleganza had the opportunity to speak with Richard Trevisan, Head of Maserati Canada, to gain insight into the marque’s success. Not surprisingly, a recurring point throughout the interview was the brand’s focus on customer experience. Maserati’s message is very clear, “…from the driving dynamics, to the sound, you know right away you are different from anyone else because you are in a Maserati.”

It is no revelation that Richard Trevisan has loved cars from a very young age. Raised between Turin, the capital of the Italian automotive industry, and Canada, he understands the origins of Maserati and where it is headed inthe North American market.

By Anna Giampà


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