Luxury : Designing the Fundamentals

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Luxury : Designing the Fundamentals

11 April 2018 Art Beauty DESIGN Trends 0
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Luxury can be defined by lifestyle, taste and comfort. Whatever the driving force behind every decision we make, we know that the end result will ultimately establish a definitive influence for the best of the very best. This theory proves well, especially in the homes we live in.

Driven by our imagination and the art that surrounds us, properties have been built to sell a story; a way of life. That way of life is expressed through those tangible commodities that can be seen, heard and felt. So what exactly is opulence? Multi-million dollar homes are known for their architectural features and their outstanding attention to detail.

Seeminglessly, a luxury home will have the staples that land them their higher price tag: custom built-ins, quality finishings, high-end appliances, etc. But what people are now looking for is that WOW factor that makes us think “This is what I need”. That is why custom-built homes and newer construction have been popular in the past year.

Owners and builders are now looking to provide potential buyers with something unique, tasteful and certainly worth that exact definition of luxury.

Breathtaking views, panoramic windows, tall ceilings, heated floors, open concepts, large walk-ins, fully equipped kitchens, home entertainment, smart systems, pool and amenities are some attributes we tend to now look for as a standard. Of course playing with the land it sits on is a key component to designing a home worthy of its luxurious description. Architectural features have now been aligned to make sure the sunrise is seen from here and not there. Perhaps have the staircase made to overlook the first floor, the master bath to endorse a grandiose spa-like environment or a cellar to hold over 1000 bottles for those with a palette for wine? With keeping certain aspects in mind, great characteristics can be molded into what some might say can be the perfect home. That is what is now expected.

By Jessica Di Re