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15 January 2019 Lifestyle Uncategorized 0
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By Sophia Iannantuono


After helping my daughter complete a recent school project focusing on the environment, or the urgency to save our environment, I  became aware of the need to contribute to the well-being of our planet.


While searching for efficient yet earth-friendly products, I discovered a new hair care line from La Biosthetique Paris called PURE NATURE Botanique. The line is certified 100% Globally Socially Responsible, vegan, halal and has a Certification Institute for Ethics and the Environment, ICEA, seal. The company’s values include focusing on humanity, the environment, innovation, growth and education.


PURE NATURE Botanique hair and skin care products offer gentle, balancing or intense treatments.


The Intense line consists of four products: mask, shampoo, oil and styling cream, and are good for those with damaged or frizzy hair. The natural essences are ginseng, mint, lemon, as well as a delicate  raspberry scent. The Intense Shampoo contains natural ingredients including coconut, amino acids and sugar. Ginseng is also added to stimulate hair growth. And while many bio shampoos can leave hair dry and frizzy, this one comes closest to conventional shampoos, lathering and washing  well, yet leaving hair soft and shiny.


The Intense Mask, which has a light consistency that doesn’t weigh hair down, contains macadamia nut oil and ginseng root extract. Since my hair is very blonde and always in need of hydration, I complement the mask with the Intense Hair & Scalp Oil.


The line’s oil that comes in a 100 ml bottle with a fine measuring tip, contains jojoba for hydration, organic borage, crambe oil sterols and rapeseed oil extract to sooth hair. It works best on lengths and ends, leaving hair shiny and supple. And as a benefit does not stain sheets when left on all night and shampooed out the next day. It can be used on wet hair prior to blow-drying. Rub two to three drops between hands and apply on lengths and ends before styling, or apply one to two drops to dry hair.  If used with curly locks, the oil can be worked in to dry or wet hair, and is ideal for molding curls when allowing hair to dry naturally.