Fall in Love with Hair Extensions

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Fall in Love with Hair Extensions

15 January 2019 Beauty 0
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Anyone wishing for long, healthy-looking hair for the holiday season but without time to grow it out, should consider the instant appeal of  hair extensions. The popular technique can create longer, fuller hair with the styling power to achieve any look. And hair extensions don’t just add length, they can be coloured a variety of ways.

One type of permanent hair extension that has become increasingly popular in the last few years relies on a tape-in hot fusion bonding technique.  And a noted brand for most stylists is Miami Tape-In Hair Extensions.

The technique, as the name implies, includes placing pre-glued tape near the root and then “sandwiching” natural hair between an extension.

Advantages of Miami Tape-In Hair Extensions

Fast Application

The entire process takes between 20 to 45 minutes. Other hot fusion methods, such as keratin, take significantly longer and are more complicated.

Tapes Are Undetectable

Once applied, the tapes are not noticeable. Since they are the same color as a client’s hair, all that can be seen is hair. With tape-in extensions, you can relax and go.


Perfect for Thinner Strands

Those with fine hair know extension options are limited, as low density strands are usually too fragile to hold extensions.It is also difficult to blend extensions with fine hair. Tape-ins are safe for thin locks because they are light and gentle. Instead of sandwiching fine hair between two adhesive tapes, a single-sided tape can be used on one hair strand instead of two.


Tapes Are Not Uncomfortable

Tape-ins are one of the most comfortable extensions. They are  thin and soft because they’re made from flexible glue that lays completely flat on the head.


Custom Density

Tape-in extensions are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You and your professional stylist can determine the number of tapes to put in. Girls with dense hair will not need as many as those with thinner locks.

Cool Shades and Texture

The color possibilities are endless. Since natural hair has various shades, it is  recommended to buy different hues to mirror the natural hair color. Ombré combinations are also available.

Tapes Can be Changed

Tapes can easily be changed by removing the old tape and replacing it with quality double sided tape, thus significantly extending the life of the extensions.


Tape extensions are affordable thanks to the quick application time and the fact they can be reused up to three times.   

Quality Control

Not all tape extensions are created equal. Some use lower quality hair prone to falling out, shedding or having the whole tape come off if weak adhesive is used. High-quality Miami Extensions Remy Tape-Ins with quality double sided tape solves those problems.

Removing Requires Special Dissolvent

A special adhesive remover, purchased separately, must be used to remove extensions. Pulling tapes off can result in damage to the extensions and your natural hair and cause harm to your strands.

Removal Time

Although tape-ins are considered a permanent application, they must be adjusted every four to six weeks due to hair growth, which causes them to move further down the hair shaft. When strands grow too long, tapes must be moved  closer to the roots.

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