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DJ Vito V

6 July 2018 Uncategorized 0
vito v

Talking with Vito V is like talking to an old pal. He is witty and friendly, has great anecdotes and is a true pleasure to chat with. During our interview, we quickly appreciate Vito’s passion and his bigger-than-life embodiment of the old saying ‘find a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life’.

Who is Vito V and what exactly is his passion? Well, when he says things like, “I could call a hit from early on [in my career]”, and talks about beat-matching, we quickly begin to understand what the savvy disc jockey is all about. If you are a club-goer, or avid radio listener, he certainly needs no introduction. However, for those discovering Vito V for the first time, there is much to be said about this talented and deeply creative artist. Once thought of as the ‘odd one’ in school due to his eccentric love of music, this artist and entrepreneur learned early on that success does not come without sacrifice.

In fact, long gone are the days of DJing to (almost) empty rooms. The incredible career of DJ, producer, and radio host Vito V, has been quite the ride. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, son of Italian immigrants, Vito Sciangula, moved to Montreal at a very young age. He describes his feelings for music and the industry as “an obsession” and adds that he always owned turntables, but it was thanks to his parents’ “support in buying a mixer, and his uncle’s gift of turn tables with a ‘pitch’ option” that things really started to move along. His 1999 decision to take his obsession for music to the public proved to be a turning point in his life. Lovers of EDM (electronic dance music) soon discovered this new and relentless virtuoso, and have, ever since, followed his career to record heights.

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