Claudia Brown

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Claudia Brown

12 April 2018 People Uncategorized 0
Claudia Brown

Claudia Brown’s professional path is simply inspiring. In fact, she is known as one of the first physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in Canada. She stands out due to her professionalism and her curiosity, which drive her desire for continuous improvement. Her client approach is marked by a merging of biological and psychosocial support, offering a truly comprehensive treatment for her patients. More than a conscious citizen, she is environment minded and an activity enthusiast; she runs, plays golf and loves skiing.

Twenty-five years have already passed since the inauguration of her first physiotherapy clinic, Physiothérapie

Polyclinique Cabrini, located in front of the Santa Cabrini Hospital in an Italian district in Montreal. She co-owns a second clinic in Laval that has over twenty employees. Both clinics provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and osteopathic services to a varied clientele, including those with back pain, neck and shoulder pain, postural problems and sports injuries.

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By Jérémie Beaulieu