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Feng Shui

IIn the hustle and bustle of our daily life, decompressing can prove to be a challenge. For many of us, tossing and turning has become part of a nightly ritual we would gladly give up. How do we break the cycle and create a space that is more conducive to relaxation;an environment where serenity, harmony…
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2 October 2019 0

Building A New Purpose

So many buildings have been given a new life and a new purpose even in a city as young as Montreal. What if you knew the backstory to the restaurant you were sitting in? Would it enhance our dining experience? Would it stimulate more vibrant conversations at the table while savouring a glass of your…
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26 September 2019 0

Legacy on Wheels

Perhaps you spent the summer internally seething at the continuous construction that held the city’s vehicles hostage in never-ending gridlock. Or perhaps you spent your morning today in rush-hour traffic. It is possible you’ve fantasized about hopping on a scooter and zipping through the lanes of immobile vehicles.After all, life happens at the destination not…
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25 September 2019 0

Enzo Vardaro

Enzo Vardaro describes his co-ownership of Artitalia group as a “continuation of our family’s legacy.” The corporation was started as a small business in 1976 by Vardaro’s father and his brothers. Today Enzo Vardaro helms the ship with his own siblings. Read more

25 June 2019 0

Maria Grazie Chiuri

Despite the years of experience and hard work creative directors invest in a brand, the headline names we see on the cover of magazines or that achievr notable mentions duirng fashion related events, are not always run by their namesakes.

25 June 2019 0

The True Fashion Influencers: A Retrospect on Italian Fashion

By Barbara Colacci One cannot sift through the pages of a fashion magazine, or follow a popular contemporary fashion influencer without acknowledging the impact Italian design has had on the fashion industry in the last century. Names of iconic brands such as Versace, Armani, Prada, Fendi, and Gucci, as well as Missoni and Trussardi, just…
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15 January 2019 0
Salon del Mobile

Salone del Mobile

Each spring the world of furniture and interior trends descends on Italy’s design capital at Milan Design Week, also known as Salone del Mobile. The international design event, or “Fuorisalone,” as the Italians call it, showcases furniture, home décor, and innovative interior designs through creative installations all over the city.

20 August 2018 0