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ANTHONY Broccolini CEO Eleganza Magazine has written about the Broccolini Company accomplishments on other occasions, but today we are taking this opportunity to get to know Broccolini’s CEO on a more personal basis.    We recently reached out to Anthony Broccolini and discovered that the values and principles held by company founder, Donato Broccolini, run…
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8 February 2023 0

ELISANE ROUSSEL, interior design services

ER-Design Interior Design Services By Barbara Colacci  ER-Design has a fresh and dynamic outlook when it comes to its interior design projects. The company, founded by interior designer Élisane Roussel presents innovative ideas all the while considering customer satisfaction as the driving motivation for its creative process.  In fact, it is essential for Élisane to…
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7 February 2023 0


Bespoke Tailoring The Pietro Mucci brand was founded in Montreal in 1978, and has since become one of the most reputable bespoke services offering tailored clothing for men and women across Canada and the United States. The Mucci team is proud of its incomparable personalized service, using only exclusive and high-end fabrics, as well as…
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7 February 2023 0


Calcutta Design – PRINTING ON WOOD A new concept of PORTA (door) is born. The CALCUTTA DESIGN Line is born… a new style that allows you to customize your DOORS. Personalized wood printing is one of the most refined and original products on the market. With an entirely local production, these furnishing prints are handcrafted…
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10 February 2020 0

WOMAN behind the BRAND

WOMAN behind the BRAND Nannette De Gaspe’  

9 February 2020 0

The True Fashion Influencers: A Retrospect on Italian Fashion

By Barbara Colacci One cannot sift through the pages of a fashion magazine, or follow a popular contemporary fashion influencer without acknowledging the impact Italian design has had on the fashion industry in the last century. Names of iconic brands such as Versace, Armani, Prada, Fendi, and Gucci, as well as Missoni and Trussardi, just…
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15 January 2019 0