Print stimulates more senses. One exclusive quality that print has and the digital media can never match is just how tangible it is. Consumers are able to browse through a magazine, feel the paper and even distinguish between certain paper densities and compositions.

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“What inspired me and still inspires me today is the desire to create and give life to projects, the beauty and the aesthetics aspect, and in addition, to help people achieve and create what they have in mind.”


Eleganza Magazine brings you interesting, influential, captivating, most talked about people. From the arts, business mogels, heroes, philanthropists, to everyday people living interesting lives, we want to read about.


We strive to find balance and quality in our lives, Eleganza Magazine shows you lifestyles from the very simple to the extravagant. A peek into lifestyles from around the world.


Eleganza Magazine celebrates the most luxurious treasures in life. The highest quality, most coveted items for our discerning clients. Opulence and the items we dream of or simply must have.


Fashion is a part of us all, and we all live and breathe Fashion in one way or another. We will bring you all the latest trends from Milan to Montreal. Women’s, men’s and children’s fashion brought to you in Stile Eleganza Magazine


We will travel to some of the most exciting places around the world, with an emphasis on la bella Italia. Locations, hotels, travel experiences all to wisk you away to the most exclusive destinations of the



Luxury furniture for luxury living. Luxury furniture, luxury fabrics, luxury lighting. Our goal is to help you in your choices by introducing you to the best quality furniture, lighting, and accessories stores, renowned and in the business for many years.  More …